Better Packaging

for Stronger Brands

Eye Graphic provides a complete one-stop solution for your company in terms of Advance Product Packaging and Design, sophisticated colour separation and high quality of Flexo Photopolymer Printing Plates which comes from our Esko CDI5080 HD Digital Flexo Imager.

Eye Graphic provides outstanding customer service with the flexibility to produce high quality packaging on time.

We can take your packaging needs
from concept to completion,
all in one organization.

The Power of Flexo

Flexo has an advantage over lithography in that it can use a wider range of inks, water-based rather than oil-based inks, and is good at printing on a variety of different materials like plastic, foil, acetate film, brown paper, and other materials used in packaging.

Typical products printed using flexography include brown corrugated boxes, flexible packaging including shopping bags, food, and hygiene bags, milk and beverage cartons, flexible plastics, self-adhesive labels, disposable cups and containers, envelopes and wallpaper.

Flexo Plate

Eye Graphic caters to high-end flexographic printing & has invested in both Digital Imager as well as High Definition (HD) Flexo to address advancement in digital flexography and provide its customers with quality products beyond their expectations.

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Industrial Supply

Eye Graphic also provides industrial supplies such as polyester films, PVC plastic strips, TESA tapes, rubber glue and state-of-the-art packaging printers to our customers.

Our industry supply segment is part of our comprehensive solution in flexographic printing.
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